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Vernon and the immediate area is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Here you’ll find mountain slopes for skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking, challenging hiking trails, one of the best water parks in the state, premier golf courses and resort accommodations.

Set in the Kittatinny Mountains, Mountain Creek offers skiing, snowboarding complete with half-pipe and snow tubing. Summer brings extreme mountain biking at Mountain Creek Bike Park and the 39-acre Mountain Creek Water Park. Mountain Creek also features The Appalachian Hotel and Black Creek Sanctuary, both of which feature luxurious accommodations.

Vernon is also home to the Crystal Springs Resort, which features a premier collection of seven golf courses surrounded by breathtaking scenery. No other New Jersey golf resort can match the experiences provided at Crystal Springs’ award-winning golf courses. Also at Crystal Springs are Minerals Hotel & Spa and the Grand Cascades Lodge, both of which offer spacious accommodations and spectacular mountain views, an award-winning spa, a sports club with seven heated pools and a 6,000-square-foot fitness center, slopeside ski access, family activities, restaurants, catering and meeting venues.

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Some Highlights

  • While there are many financial perks to owning a home, there are also powerful non-financial benefits to consider if you’re thinking about making a move. Some of them:

Homeowners Can Make Their Home Truly Their Own

Owning your home gives you a significant sense of accomplishment because it’s a space you can customize to your heart’s desire. That can bring you added happiness.Homeownership allows you to express yourself, gives you greater privacy and comfort, enhances your connection to your community and loved ones, and is an achievement to feel proud of.

The Responsibilities of Homeownership Give You a Greater Sense of Achievement

There’s no denying taking care of your home is a large responsibility, but it’s one you’ll take pride in as a homeowner. Freddie Mac explains:

“As the homeowner, you have the freedom to adopt a pet, paint the walls any color you choose, renovate your kitchen, and more. . . . Of course, along with the freedoms of homeownership come responsibilities, such as making your monthly mortgage payments on time and maintaining your home. But as the property owner, you’ll be caring for your own investment.

Homeownership Can Lead to Greater Community Engagement

That sense of ownership and your feelings of responsibility can even extend beyond the walls of your home. Your home also gives you a stake in your community. Because the average homeowner stays in their home for longer than just a few years, that can lead to having a stronger connection to your local area. NAR notes how that can benefit you:

“Living in one place for a longer amount of time creates an obvious sense of community pride, which may lead to more investment in said community.”

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