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Low Housing Inventory Is a Sweet Spot for Sellers #sellingyourhome #realtortips #njrealestate

Some Highlights

  • Today’s housing inventory is still well below more normal years.

  • This low inventory is why homes that are priced right are still selling quickly and seeing multiple offers.

  • If you want to sell your house, now is a great time because inventory is still low. Let’s connect to start the process. email me at :

  • or call me at 973 336-9639

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In many large markets. Home prices vary by local area, so it’s important to work with a local market expert. If you put your plans to move on hold because you were worried about falling prices, let’s connect because the worst home price declines are behind us. #homeprices #expertanswers

Let’s connect today if you’re ready to sell your house and move to a home that meets your changes..

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